This high level meeting is designed to, within the framework of national priorities, meet five core objectives: (a) consensus-building, by developing partnerships between the private and public sectors and disseminating best practices, while facilitating access to finance and allowing developmental funds/financial institutions to get a closer understanding of linking financial to non-financial services towards the sustainable development of the three Northern regions; (b) policy-oriented analysis, by identifying key issues underlying the development trajectory of the three regions, and by designing suitable policies in order to determine the size and contribution of the sectors within the economy and their growth potential and investment opportunities; (c) strategic partnership, by working with the Ghana Government to map the economic sectors and sub-sectors of the regions in order to understand what exists, where the value chain for each is concentrated, what possibilities exist to support and expand the varying sectors, (d) best practice, by highlighting international best practices for governments and financial institutions on productive and sustainable job creation, and (e) technical cooperation, by cooperating with the Ghana Government to articulate an alternative economic development strategy that can optimize the economic potential of the three regions to stimulate private investment, attract new technologies, and promote entrepreneurship in Ghana.